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My warmth welcome
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Su Zaki-Leung
Founder of Tri-Scenic  Clinical Hypnotherapy

Thank you for taking action and to your life journey bring you here today. I am Su, the founder of Tri-Scenic Clinical Hypnotherapy, a passionate clinical hypnotherapist, specializing in magnetic energetics hypnosis and subconscious counselling. The idea of Tri – Scenic firstly found in 2015, safe space with empathy and no judgement so people can look out for help while they feeling off track, or just simply want to be a better self. Committed and helped many clients make their transformation by providing personalized hypnosis sessions to improve their emotional problems, expert experience in helping clients with anger, treating anxiety, depression, reduce stress index, make positive changes, increase self-awareness, realign the whole to lead a balanced, harmonious life.


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Avenir Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go-to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

Trilingual Hypnotherapist in Melbourne -
English, Cantonese and Mandarin-speaking therapist (Coverage in Hypnofit by Helen Mitas - The Hypno Guru)

This amazing lady! Su Zaki-Leung came into the world in the most challenging of circumstances born in Japan of Egyptian & Hong Kongese / Taiwanese descent and placed in an orphanage.

Su grew up in Hong Kong & had an awareness that as an orphan she could have chosen any set of values as she didn't have them passed onto her by her parents. From a young age, she decided that SHE would choose her path and her destiny - NOT her circumstances! 👊

Growing up going through the different levels of bullying and emotional abuse, she been going through the darkest period of her life in her teenage and been told she has depression. She doesn't believe the frame that people put on her and have the faith in self - power! She started to meditate and connect with-in at a young age which has become one of her favorite things to do - to be in the stillness and be with true self In this fast pace world.🥰

Su's intuition told her to go to Australia 7 years ago even though she knew no one there. She intended to stay for 1 year but loved it so much that Australia is now her new home in Doncaster East.

Su hopes that every person who crosses her path can be influenced with the love and positive vibes she carries. Su is creating a safe place with empathy and a warm approach, using her experience and knowledge to help others to understand that they can also have “a choice” to live a balanced, harmonious life.

Congratulations Su for becoming a Certified HypnoFit Therapist. 🤩 Su is the Founder of Tri-scenic Clinical Hypnotherapy Magnetic Energetics Hypnosis and Subconscious counselling.

Su is passionate about helping people with the symptoms of Stress & Depression to find their inner value and life direction, releasing the build-up past trauma and recurring patterns that are blocking them from moving forward to shine and glow.

Su is trilingual in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

If you need help with Stress and/or Depression and would prefer a Cantonese or Mandarin Speaking Therapist - look no further than Su Zaki

這是一位強大,堅強自主的女孩! Su Zaki - Leung 出生於日本, 具有埃及和香港台灣血統, 她選擇了一個最具挑戰性嘅情況下進入了世界, 出生於一個被父母離棄嘅家庭.從小時候便經歷了很多不愉快嘅事情


Su幸運地於香港另一個溫暖的家庭中成長,她意識到自己的不同,於成長的期間亦因為她的不同而面對過不同程度的欺凌及精神層面上的傷害。作為一個被親生家庭棄養的小孩. 她可以選擇相信自己是被排擠被離棄的想法.但她相信正因為沒有親生父母對她強行加諸他們的價值觀,她可以自由選擇任何一套最適合自己的價值觀.所以她從小就決定她會選擇自己的道路及命運,去改造自己的處境.

在青少年期間她經歷過人生中最黑暗的低潮並被告知患上抑鬱症。她不相信別人給她定下的框框,深信每人都有改變的力量。她開始接觸靜心及冥想而及後這更成為她其中一件最喜歡做的事, 她認為在這個節奏很快的世界中需要保持冷靜並有能力獨立思考及聆聽內在是一件很重要的事情.


Su 的直覺引領她七年前隻身去到澳洲,於這個沒有朋友亦沒有家人嘅地方作一全新體驗. 由原本一年的旅程,機緣巧合, 到現在澳洲已經成為她新的家.


Su 相信生命可以影響生命,希望每一個在她人生道路上有交接的人都能受到她對生命的積極,愛及正能量所影響,更創立仨暻臨床催眠治療,一個絕對安全及私密的環境, 對每一位來接受求助的客人保持接納、不批判、溫暖、支持,利用同理心,經驗和知識來幫助他人. 令他們知道自己也可以選擇過一種平衡和諧的生活.


我在此祝賀 Su 成為HypnoFit 的特別認證治療師, 本貴為仨暻臨床催眠的創辦人的Su,更專長於生物能量治療, 潛意識發展及輔導. 


Su充心致力地幫助對生活感到有壓力, 患有情緒困擾及抑鬱症狀的人找到他們的內在價值和生活方向. 幫助他們釋放過去一路囤積的心理創傷, 改變長久以來一直阻礙他們前進的錯誤選擇,習慣或模式從而令每個人都可以過著有意義,精彩,充實的人生.


Su 精通三文兩語, 分別為英語,廣東話和普通話。如果對催眠治療有興趣或您在壓力和/或抑鬱症方面需要幫助,並且特別希望使用廣東話或普通話接受治療, 那Su Zaki 必定是最適合你的治療師莫屬.

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