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Rediscovering yourself through Past Life Regression

American philosopher Cornel West once said, “You can’t move forward until you look back.” Looking back to your life is the first step to moving forward. Some may say that the past is already gone. There is no need to remember and visit it because you cannot undo things. They say it is more important to focus on the present and keep moving forward. However, to some people, the past is as important to them as the present and the future. Actions and decisions of the present are all grounded to past experiences. People who look back in their past are less likely to commit the same mistakes in the present and the future. To some people, the past is not just a history that keeps you closer to your roots. The past is sometimes the key to understand how and why things are the way they are. Consequently, understanding things allows you to keep moving forward. That is the very idea of Past Life Regression.

Past life regression (PLR) is a calm, safe, and gentle form of therapy through hypnosis. This therapy allows people to visit themselves from a past life. To those who believe in reincarnation, PLR is the procedure to access memories of past lifetimes that are already forgotten and pushed back to the farthest part of the subconscious mind. With the help of a well-trained hypnotherapist, the client is guided to a peaceful reunion with their subconscious self. Some people might be frightened of this experience. However, there are still people who are seeking answers, and PLR is the procedure they found.

PLR is a therapy involving the mind and emotions. There are various things you can experience when doing PLR:

1. PLR allows clients to revisit past life experiences.

This procedure does not only apply for previous lifetimes. A person under this therapy can access experiences from the early years of their present life. PLR is often done to help people remember a certain memory they knew they had but had already forgotten. It applies to people who want to reconnect with their happy childhood to remember the feeling of genuine happiness.

2. PLR allows clients to discover the reasons for unexplainable fears and emotions.

Some people feel a heavy emotion that they cannot explain. Some are feeling betrayed or broken, but they do not know the reason why. Some stimuli trigger emotions as if there is an unresolved issue from the past. It can also trigger fear and anxiety. There are times when you feel frightened by something not scary to other people. You cannot explain how and why that fear developed in your mind. But, with the help of PLR, you will be able to reconnect with your past. You will be able to find answers as to why that heavy emotion is triggered. These answers will help you not just to move on but to understand.

3. PLR allows clients to remember and embrace life lessons that were gained in that past lifetime.

Moving forward is the key issue of clients who undergo PLR. Clients able to tap in to their subconscious mind to gain insight and wisdom. Many people feel scared because the future is uncertain. Fortunately, PLR allows you to remember key life lessons that you already gained in your past lifetimes. Through this, clients are equipped with wisdom to know the difference in times of dilemma.

Past Life Regression is helpful for people who feel like they have a lot of baggage. It helps people understand why they have that baggage and what thats meant to you in the first place. This therapy has the best result especially when people who are open and emotionally ready for this experience. You cannot choose which memory to remember. No matter good or bad memories, we have things to learn form that event and we have to live with it. There is nothing to worry about because therapists are there to process and unpack everything with the clients. Right after the PLR session, therapists will sit with the clients and discuss how to manage the memories they now remember. Reconnecting with the past is not as simple as remembering. It can take a toll on your mind, but it is better than not knowing.


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