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Counseling? Hypnotherapy? CBT? What do they do and what should I choose?

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

As a hypnotherapist and a subconscious counselor, many people come to me and ask me: Hypnotherapy, General Counselling, CBT which one should I choose? Which one is better?

To be really honest, there’s no real direct answer to this question because all modality has its own strengths. And all different modality works in their own unique way, but hopefully, my explanation below can give you a general idea and a little bit of understanding.

First to understand how our mind works is a fascinating part that I want you to know.

Anger, Fear, Frustration, and Self-doubt is like all the other emotion that held in our subconscious level of the mind.

Conscious mind is our logical part of the mind for our waking life, supporting our short-term memory, will power, critical thinking, and logical thinking.

Subconscious minds take roles for our habits, beliefs, emotions, values, long term memory, protective reaction.

So when we look to make long-term changes we should be working on the subconscious level instead of the conscious level.

Counseling – Generally people seek out counseling services because they have something in their mind that they really need to talk about. Counselling provides safe, hold a confidential space you can talk and share with the professional.

Counselors can provide a very good listening ear for you to talk about the issue in a safe space, explore your emotions, and give you a new perspective on matters. So fairly speaking, counseling helps our conscious Logical mind but the emotions we dealing is actually not running at a logic level.

Hypnotherapy – A solution-focused approach, been around for so many centuries and provide life – long changes result. In lives we are facing different challenges and downtime, how can we cope with them all?

Hypnotherapy helps with appear symptom but also get into the core to provide a wholistic solution, not just a band-aid to only help with the present symptom. Hypnotherapists also focus on building the right mindset and equip us on HOW can we deal with similar or even different challenges while we walk our own journey. The length of Hypnotherapy sessions for different clients might vary from 6 to 13 sessions, most people feel the changes start happening after the first session, depends on the matter we deal with and the level of outcome we want to achieve.

CBT - Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), is one of the commonly used practices in the mental health profession. Its use to help develop coping strategies and lead to a healthier lifestyle. For example, a person who suffers from fear and uses this method will be taught for them to crop the effect of fear.

While hypnosis reaches directly into the mind, CBT is built on training the mind like how we train our muscles to react differently when we face the symptoms we have. CBT is an action-oriented approach so help the client can remain control.

To understand what’s the ACTUAL reason behind the issue, feeling and the trigger is the real matter here that we should look at instead of what we already knew (We aware we are angry, hurt, sad but WHY and what TRIGGER it?)

An example of the differences in quitting bad habits. While counseling will find the reason, CBT will train you to help avoid this bad habit. Hypnosis will implant suggestions to help you demolish desire for performing the bad habit.

A lot of clients reach out want to be able to talk about their issues, seeking advice and they also want to resolve the problem or even learn how to deal with it if next time a similar event present. Remember, life as a journey we of the cause will face challenges and emotion and this is completely normal. So I find this is a very powerful mixture to combine subconscious counseling with hypnotherapy.

Its never one shoes fit all, and my own way of working often includes a mixture of different therapies, I personalized to each client to ensure they get the most effective outcome as possible.

Most therapists are happy to conduct a short telephone consultation and so you can decide if they are the right fit for you.

Tri–Scenic Hypnotherapy also provides a 30min Free online strategy consultation, to discuss what solution for you to achieve the outcome you want.

Tel: 0432653334

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