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Enhance Performance | 增進個人發展潛能及提升表現

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Personalised Plan
  • Glenvale Road

Service Description

***For new clients, a free consultation is required before any program commerce, so we can lucid clear on the situation you are facing and tailor-made the treatment that brings you the best outcome *** Struggle to keep calm, brain go blank in an important presentation, exam, interview or even meeting new people? Are you procrastinates or you are be prepared, know your work well but just can’t give out 100% on that important day? There’s so common that no matter children and adult be easily suffering unnecessary nerves and stress, this program allow us to work on strategies to feel calmer, learn a mind management tool to help you grow in confidence and feel comfortable in different conditions. 難以保持鎮定,在重要的演講,考試,面試甚至結識新朋友時想開口但腦子卻一片空白? 感覺到自己容易被其他的事情影響專注力, 或感到想擺脫拖延症的影響。準備充足,很了解自己的工作,但是不能在那重要的一天付出100%? 這種現象非常普遍,無論兒童和成人都有機會遭受不必要的緊張及壓力,針對性的療程使我們能夠制定策略令自己感到鎮定,學習心理及情緒管理工具以幫助您在不同的條件下變得更自在更自信地發揮最好的你。 ***致新客戶,預約所有療程前請先預約免費諮詢,因此我們可以清楚地了解您所面臨的情況,並為您量身定制最適合你的計劃***

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  • 82 Glenvale Road, Ringwood North VIC, Australia