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Improve Self Esteem | 改善自我

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
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***For new clients, a free consultation is required before any program commerce, so we can lucid clear on the situation you are facing and tailor-made the treatment that brings you the best outcome *** Do you know your subconscious mind controls quite a bit of how you feel about yourself? This inner voice can be great supporter in our daily life to go thru our daily challenge together or that can be a fierce critic, filling our minds with negative and unhealthy thoughts. Utilizing hypnotherapy can help to access in our unconscious mind to alter though the power of suggestions, it’s very possible to build and increase self-esteem, act now to fix your mind’s negative thinking patterns! 您知道您對自己的感覺是由潛意識所控制嗎? 這種內心的聲音可以成為我們日常生活中強大的支持者,可以跟我們共同應對日常的挑戰. 又或者可以成為一個拖垮我們的批評家,使我們的思想充滿消極和不健康的思想。催眠療法有效更改潛意識規範著你的限制信念,將不可能的東西在生活上變成可能,建立自信和提高自尊心從而改善對自己或與其他人相處關係,現在就採取行動來糾正您的思想中的消極思維方式! ***致新客戶,預約所有療程前請先預約免費諮詢,因此我們可以清楚地了解您所面臨的情況,並為您量身定制最適合你的計劃***

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