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Overcome Fear | 克服及戰勝恐懼

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
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***For new clients, a free consultation is required before any program commerce, so we can lucid clear on the situation you are facing and tailor-made the treatment that brings you the best outcome *** Don’t be FEAR to take action as you can easily overcome fears and phobias with hypnosis. Phobia are extremely common, and everyone will experience a simple phobia sometimes in their lives. That could be scare to visit dentists, crowd and open space, elevators, plane, spiders, bugs, snake…etc Hypnosis is an extremely effective cure for phobias, by detaching the stimulus from the emotional response, it teaches the mind a different way of responding your source of fear, free from it and promote a positive change. 不要害怕踏出你的第一步! 因為您可以通過催眠輕鬆克服恐懼和恐懼感。恐懼症非常普遍,幾乎每個人都會在生活中經歷一種簡單的恐懼症。例如拜訪牙醫,人群密集的地方,開放空間,電梯,飛機,蜘蛛,蟲子,蛇等等各式各樣的東西 通過催眠可以有效消除對於你恐懼事情的刺激和情緒反應,是對於恐懼症一種極其有效的治療方法,它可以教會大腦及潛意識以不同的方式應對恐懼源,擺脫恐懼並促進積極的改變。 ***致新客戶,預約所有療程前請先預約免費諮詢,因此我們可以清楚地了解您所面臨的情況,並為您量身定制最適合你的計劃***

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