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Subconscious Wellness Counselling | 身心靈

個人潛意識連結及發展 | 前世回溯

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Personalised Plan
  • Glenvale Road

Service Description

***For new clients, a free consultation is required before any program commerce, so we can lucid clear on the situation you are facing and tailor-made the treatment that brings you the best outcome *** Sick of feeling not belong, lost, not grounded, mood swing, self-doubt or even self-sabotaging? We help you walk the walk together by close the gap that you always think you can’t walk through. By our genuine understanding with no judgement, we are focus on individualized facilitates conscious change so you can live an authentic life filled with love & passion. 你可能感到自己跟身邊的其他人有一種格格不入的感覺,沒有得到歸屬感,對前路感到迷失,長期情緒波動,忐忑 ,懷疑自己,一種內在的負面力量經常打擊自己,自我貶抑 透過專業的潛意識諮詢,又或者回到最初的根源 - 前世回溯。可以有效幫助你了解問題的根本。引領你跨越你曾經認為無法穿越的人生缺口,整合你的人生尋回色彩。 我堅信每一個人,每一個故事都是獨特的。仨暻對每一個求助者堅持用真誠,不帶批判性及運用同理心理解你的路。我們專注潛意識層面的改進,把你需要的改變帶動到你渴望的新生活,只要你立下決心,每一個人都可以得到想要的富足,都有權利過你想要的生活。 ***致新客戶,預約所有療程前請先預約免費諮詢,因此我們可以清楚地了解您所面臨的情況,並為您量身定制最適合你的計劃***

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  • 82 Glenvale Road, Ringwood North VIC, Australia